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The Last Condiment You Will Ever Need!

What do you get when you mix this,



With this?



You get a little touch of amazing!

Here is how to make it work!

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Vegan Spaghetti is Awesome

I have worked on this whole healthy eating kick for a few months now. My shift in eating has seen a natural incline in fruits/veggies/nuts and a natural decline in meats. I think I haven’t eaten red meat in four months or more. I eat chicken and/or fish maybe twice per week, and milks, cheeses and other dairy foods have also seen a decline in consumption.

I have experimented with new ways to eat old recipes. Spaghetti had bothered me for some time, as I wanted a vegan option but kept getting scared and just making it with turkey instead of beef. Last night, I decided to make the leap and just do it. Leftover lentils laid languidly in my fridge. They were mixed with carrots and. Emery and tomatoes and who knows what else I had put in them. My thinking was, if I am going to make the leap, might as well really go for it.

About 45 minutes and many exclamations of delicious later. We determined the carrots and such made it more “bulky” and made it so we didn’t even miss the meat.

I wish I had taken pictures or even thought to write the recipe down. I do too much “on a whim” cooking which makes it hard to share recipes. I want my cooking to be a focus on this blog so will try to get better about writing this stuff down.

Until next time, don’t be scared, you can always order pizza!